Sunday, 12 October 2014

Britain in Palestine 1917-1948

Commemorating the 97th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration
Britain in Palestine 1917-1948
Understanding the Present Conflict

• Excerpt from Faraway, So Close, theatre piece by Amy Hailwood
• Launch of new educational documentary, Britain in Palestine
• Discussion with panel including Prof. Avi Shlaim FBA, Dr Mary Embleton, Dr Andy Gosler, Sir Vincent Fean KCVO, chaired by Revd Dr Liz Carmichael MBE
• Closing remarks by The Very Reverend Nicholas Frayling
7.45pm Thursday 30th October 2014
Auditorium, St John’s College, St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JP
To be followed by refreshments
There is no registration just come.

Tim Saiet: Meeting Jesus

Tim Saiet: at Christ Church from Stephen Sizer on Vimeo.

Tim is a former Royal Marine Commando with experience as an unarmed combat instructor and member of the British Ski Team. He is also a professional and award winning magician, performing for Arsenal FC and McLaren F1. Tim knows what it is like to live life without Christ at the centre and to then experience the life changing power of meeting Jesus.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Gaza Benefit Concert

All funds raised will go to humanitarian relief in Gaza via Amos Trust Partners.

London Gaza Demo

See more photos of the London Gaza Demo here and here.

These photos are copywrite and may not be reproduced commercially without permission. You may however freely use them for charitable or educational purposes, if the source is acknowledged. To purchase originals of any of these photographs please contact me

Friday, 8 August 2014

Zion's Christian Soldiers: The Bible, Israel and the Church - in Arabic

Zion's Christian Soldiers is now available in Arabic, as well as Korean and English.

The Arabic edition costs £8.95 plus £2.75 postage in the UK and £4.75 internationally.

Order via PayPal

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Survey of UK Christian Sympathies in Israel/Palestinian Conflict

Embrace the Middle East commissioned an opinion poll to find out what UK Christians thought about the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Carried out in May 2014, before the current crisis started, 2,467 Christians from a cross-section of denominations answered an online questionnaire.

Key results from the survey:

Twice as many UK Christians (35.4 per cent) say they sympathise more with the Palestinians as say they sympathise with Israel (16.9 per cent).

More than a third (37.9 per cent) sympathise with neither side, or both sides equally, while almost a tenth (9.7 per cent) said ‘Don’t know’.

40.2 per cent of Anglicans, 44.6 per cent of Methodists and 56.6 per cent of Catholics said they sympathised more with the Palestinians than with Israel. Sympathy for the Palestinians was weaker among Baptists (28 per cent), but this was still greater than those Baptists who said they sympathised more with Israel (20.9 per cent).

Only a third of those UK Christians polled (33.1 per cent) strongly agreed or tended to agree with the statement that ‘God gave the land that is now Israel to the Jewish people’, while only 12.4 per cent strongly agreed or tended to agree that the biblical nation of Israel and the modern state of Israel were the same.

Some 70.1 per cent of UK Christians strongly agreed or tended to agree with the statement that the land belongs to both Jewish people and Palestinians.

Download the full story on the Press Release page.