Thursday, 25 June 2009

CEEC Chairman and President send greetings to Anglican Church in North America

To Bishop Bob Duncan

Dear Bishop Bob and dearest friends in the fellowship of ACNA

We write both personally and on behalf the Church of England Evangelical Council to send you warmest greetings for the new mission the Lord has given you in the United States - to be faithful witnesses to the everlastingly good news of Jesus Christ. Here in the UK we are so thankful for your faithful orthodoxy, zeal and determination to make disciples - even though you have had, and to continue to have to pay a high price for this wholehearted ministry for God and his Word.

We wish you to know that we consider it a privilege given by God that we are joyful to be in full communion with you all. We are especially grateful for your unity expressed among Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical traditions, and recognise that this is in part a fruit of the Jerusalem Conference where the Primates present encouraged you to form a new and orthodox entity in North America. You are of course in fellowship with 80% of the Anglican Communion who share with us in the historic orthodox faith. It is for this reason that we call on may more of our brothers and sisters worldwide to affirm that they recognise the authentic marks of the Apostolic church and true Anglican identity in your witness.

Thank you dear brothers and sisters for all you are, and all that you do and will do in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Archdeacon Michael Lawson (Chairman)

Bishop Wallace Benn (President)

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