Friday, 18 September 2009

Seismic Shock: One Year On

The year-long campaign of harassment and intimidation against several well known human rights and peace activists by the anonymous Jewish-Christian blogger Seismic Shock gratuitously celebrates its first anniversary today. On his website, he writes,

"It’s been just over a year of blogging here at Seismic Shock, so just wanted to evaluate and review how this blog’s progressed.

I started blogging under the name ‘Mordechai Ben Emet’ and eventually settled for just ‘Seismic’ to reflect the blog’s name.

My starting-point for blogging was discovering the links between Stephen Sizer and sections of the American Far Right, the anti-Zionist hard Left in the UK and hardcore Islamists in Britain and in the Middle East. You can look back over the early posts in order to see this."

He concludes,

"As many of you are aware, the prime focus of this blog is not on promoting a specific political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as there are far more capable commenters on this most complex subject. Instead this blog is focused on the political outworkings of anti-Zionist and antisemitic theology, as well as the misuse of Christianity by fascist thugs. Hopefully one day soon, of course, there will no longer by a need for this blog."

It is heartening to know that the various police authorities who have monitored his writings over the past year, do not share his assessment. Having now identified the author as a recent graduate of Leeds University, the authorities there confiscated his computer and have retrieved all his deleted files. Evidence of breaches to university internet regulations and the misuse of university computer equipment are clear and has, I believe, been passed on to the police.

I wholeheartedly support free speech and legitimate debate on issues such as the Middle East conflict, but not the use of anonymous blogs to incite religious as well as racial hatred or to intimidate and harass those you disagree with.

On my own blog you can read of my attempts to meet with and be reconciled to the author of Seismic Shock through an open letter.

You will also see that, in contrast to his position, I have consistently upheld the rule of international law, exposed human right abuses, support the work of the United Nations, affirm the UN Declaration of Human Rights, accept the position of the British government and European Community on Israel-Palestine, identify with the two-state solution of the Road-Map and am working with fellow Jews, Christians and Muslims for peace with justice for both Israelis and Palestinians through diplomatic, legal and non-violent means.