Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hasbara Work is Lucrative

Philip Weiss has published an excellent piece by Kieron Monks of the Palestine Monitor in Ramallah who asks the question:
Who does Tony Blair work for?

In the conversations I've had with the Israeli Prime Minister there is now, in principle, agreement for Israel to allow goods in" Tony Blair told reporters on Monday. And like magic, an official Israeli statement today announced the 'easing' of the Gaza blockade. After three years of lucrative ambassadorial work, the man best known for invading Iraq on doctored evidence is back in the big time. As pressure mounts on Netanyahu's government to end the illegal blockade on Gaza following the flotilla massacre, the former PM has been asked to step up his Hasbara duties.

Today's announcement confirmed that Israel will "liberalise the system by which civilian goods enter Gaza and expand the inflow of materials for civilian projects that are under international supervision". Specific goods were not specified, but it is believed a severely limited quantity of foodstuffs and education materials will be taken off the banned list. The UK-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign derided the "so called easing of the blockade as a sham designed to divert the world's attention from the inhumane blockade"

Francis Beckett, author of the biography "The Survivor: Tony Blair in Peace and War" sees Blair's role as "translator for the Israeli government, serving for Israel's benefit. Netanyahu is in a hole. Politically he cant afford to give in to foreign pressure, but he has to take some action. Blair is his escape route."

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