Wednesday, 6 October 2010

We'll give you Pollard. You give us 60 days and we'll throw in the Jordan Valley too.'

The US Goodie bag for Israel just seems to grow bigger every day. This perceptive analysis from Richard Silverstein
…The United States is offering military hardware, support for a long-term Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley, help with enforcing a ban on the smuggling of weapons through a Palestinian state, a promise to veto Security Council resolutions critical of Israel during the talks and a pledge to forge a regional security agreement for the Middle East.
It’s really extraordinary. The U.S. is in effect foreclosing the option of a major portion of the West Bank being returned to the Palestinians (the Jordan Valley). Even more astonishingly it is promising to exercise its veto for ANY anti-Israel Security Council resolution. That means if Israel bombs Iran, we veto. If Israel invades Syria or Lebanon or Gaza, we veto. It’s not so much the veto itself, because it’s almost a given that we veto any resolutions critical of Israel. But it’s the idea that we’re promising an a priori veto even before we know what the issue might be. It would have to be tempting to Israel to dust off its military-adventure wish-list and fix its coördinates on targets that have previously been off-limits due to fear of an American “No.”

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