Friday, 1 July 2011

Planting Hope in Palestine

A group of senior church leaders from the United States recently visited the Palestinian village of Aboud near Ramallah. Most of the surrounding fields and olive groves have been stolen by the Israeli government to build illegal Jews-only colonies. The villagers of Aboud are now imprisoned in their own village cut off from their source of income and denied any possibility of future growth. Most of the roads out have been blocked by razor wire or mounds of rock. The one road in and out is monitored by armed Israeli guards and cameras from control towers. Even the village water pump has been confiscated and re-routed to supply the illegal settlements. This map shows how much of the village land has been stolen.

We decided to do something non-violent to resist the occupation - show solidarity with he villagers, many of whom are Christians, and plant hope in the form of olive trees.

You can view more photos of the olive tree planting here. You can meet some of the lovely people of Aboud here and some of their wall art here.