Saturday, 10 September 2011

Cairo Clashes + Turkish Expulsion + Arab Spring = UN Palestinian Recognition?

Richard Silverstein over on Tikun Olam makes some perceptive observations about the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo last night:
 Israel must’ve been petrified that the assault and dumping of documents from embassy windows would expose secret intelligence files to public scrutiny. That’s the only reason I can think that Israel would go to the extraordinary length of calling on big brother to intercede on its behalf.  Further, this indicates how much lower Israel’s stature has sunk in the region.  Now it has picked huge fights with Turkey (killed nine of its citizens on the Mavi Marmara) and Egypt (killed five of its soldiers after Eilat attack and invaded Egypt in doing so).  It of course, threatens Iran with annihilation semi-regularly.  The only neighboring state with which it has no major bone to pick (or vice versa) is Jordan.
At this rate, Israel may need for the U.S. to intervene to save it from its worst impulses toward self-destruction.  Though I have no confidence that Obama can do this in a way that won’t bring Israel and his own administration into even greater disrepute.
 He is spot on asking the question why Israel has to ask the US Administration to speak to the Egyptians on their behalf.
Last I checked, Israel was not a U.S. protectorate, but rather an independent nation. Why Israel should not feel confident appealing directly to Egypt in this case, and instead turned to its evident protectors, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is beyond me. It seems a grave error on the part of Obama to publicly announce his intervention, as it will further tarnish Israel’s and America’s reputations in the Arab world. We look like the Bobsey Twins or, if you will, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
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