Friday, 20 January 2012

Drums Beat for Another War in the Middle East

We, the undersigned, are concerned by the ever escalating policy, language and rhetoric of demonisation, which has been pivotal in fostering an environment in which war and destruction is the only possible inevitable result.

This policy will only have an effect of benefiting those who already have a vested interest in causing war in the Middle East as an effective diversion intended to distract from their failed policies. It seems that we have learned nothing from the slippery slope that had led us to the death and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, which still continues to this day to result in the death of innocents, with no bright future in sight.

We are also extremely concerned with the increasing prevalence of the tactic of assassination and extra judicial killing, whether by assassins or impersonal drones, and the language and rhetoric that has had the effect of legitimising and normalising this kind of abhorrent behaviour. This behaviour endorses taking the lives of innocent people as the preferred tool for promoting ‘democracy, freedom and justice.’ Of urgent concern also is the legitimisation of the above through apathy and lack of commitment to identify, expose and hold to account those who commit these barbaric acts.

We urge the British government and the international community to put an end to the acceptability of this kind of irresponsible rhetoric of war, which has the effect of legitimising, promoting and giving the green light to third party action that has the potential to unleash more misery, war and destruction. The colonial mentality behind such conduct must be abandoned and all issues of concern should be negotiated through means of diplomacy and mutual respect.

Massoud Shadjareh, Islamic Human Rights Commission
Bruce Kent, Activist
Jeremy Corbyn, Member of Parliament
John Hemming, Member of Parliament
John McDonnell, Member of Parliament
John Rees, Stop the War Coalition
Lauren Booth, Broadcaster and Journalist
Les Levidow, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities
Moazzam Begg, Ex Guantanamo Bay Detainee
Professor Abbas Edalat
Professor Mona Baker
Dr Arshin Adib-Moghaddam
Ramzy Baroud, Journalist
Professor Norman Finkelstein
Salma Yaqoob, Former leader of Respect Party
Revd Dr Stephen Sizer