Friday, 16 March 2012

Jesus Confronts Racism

This ‘sermon’ is just 1 minute 48 seconds but it sums up the last 35 years of my full time Christian ministry. If I never preached another sermon, this is the one I’d want you to remember me by.

It is taken from the closing scenes of the film With God on our Side and is intended to challenge genuine racism and anti-semitism rather than the chicken-little version that conflates legitimate criticism of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians with anti-semitism.

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I concur wholeheartedly with John Stott who once said,

“Away then with anti-Semitism! It has been an appalling scandal in the history of Europe, and even the Christian church has been implicated. Christians should be ‘pro-Semitic’, in the sense that we recognize how the people of Israel have been highly favoured by God. We Gentiles are their debtors, Paul wrote (Romans 15:27). We owe them a huge spiritual debt, especially in their bequest to the world of both the Scriptures and the Christ."