Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Route of Hope : For Sufferers of Panic Attacks

Suffering anxiety attack during her early twenties, locked in her room, often with suicidal thoughts, Katie Ruth wrote her way from the pits of despair to a full recovery. Now able to face the world head-on. These poems trace her journey back. Here you will find a disarming charm and sincerity that allows grace to take you unawares. the truth is simple - God is very close and He loves us. His love is what our hearts need to be healed. Katie's poems remind us of these most essential truths and they make us smile....because suddenly we know - this is true and she has lived it. In her mother's own words: "The gift of writing enabled her to track a route of hope on the journey to recovery." If you've ever wanted proof that there's truly a light at the end of the tunnel - Katie Ruth is it!

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One reviewer wrote,

"Don't let the apparent simplicity of this volume deceive you. Its spontaneous approach offers alternatives to the contradictions of modern life. So often the very devices and systems which have been implemented to ease our daily tasks, have actually become the causes of common stress.

It points to the therapeutic rewards of observing and reflecting upon the world around us - in both its grandeur and its simplicity. It encourages interest in and concern for those around us. It assigns value to ordinary events and emotions.

Most important of all, it throws down a challenge; in whom will we put our trust, to see us through, when all else has failed?"