War on Want
    I bought my first camera aged 10 with money saved from my paper round. It was a Russian made Cosmic 35. I then graduated to an all manual Zenit B SLR with a prime 50mm lens and an external exposure meter. I used a magnifying glass to create my first zoom lens. When I got a real job I upgraded to a Canon A1 and a zoom lens. Then I bought a Canon T90 and Canon EOS 650.

    But like the story of the 'Pearl of Great Price' I eventually sold all my Canon equipment and converted to a Nikon D200 DSLR, then graduated to a Nikon D300, and eventually to the full frame D700 and D3s FX.

    I now use a Nikon D4 with a D600 as a backup. I carry a Sony RX100 on my belt whereever I go and a Flip Mino in my pocket for interviews.